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My name is Elizabeth Powell but feel free to call me “Liz” because that’s what my friends call me. The only person who calls me “Elizabeth” is my mom and she only calls me by my full name every time she is extremely mad at me. Plus, don’t you think “Elizabeth” is just too long?

I am a 29-year old single mom to my 5 year-old daughter, Trisha. We live in the “City of Bridges” and yes, that is in Pittsburgh. I grew up in Louisiana but I moved to Pennsylvania to pursue my degree in Bachelor of Arts in Literature. After I graduated, my mom moved in with me and we have never gone back to Louisiana ever since.

According to my friends and relatives, I am extremely impulsive. Well, that may be the reason why I decided to study literature. This might sound funny but when I was in high school, the only ones I wanted to read were books about love and fashion magazines. “Did you just wake up one day and decided that you wanted to study literature?” is a very common question that my friends ask me now. I guess, my impulsiveness paid off because as I was able to graduate on time.

I got a job related to my field of study right after I graduated. However, after seven months, I decided to quit my job because everything just seemed to be so boring and predictable. When Trisha was born, that is when I made up my mind to just stay at home and be a full-time mom.

When I was still pregnant, I developed my fondness in making clothes for babies. My impulsiveness struck again and I decided to buy my first sewing machine. Good thing, I had my mom by my side to teach me the basics of sewing.

I felt really fulfilled after I created Trisha’s first baby clothes. From that time on, my passion for this particular activity has never gone away. After several years, I was able to buy and try different models of sewing machines. I never really went shopping for Trisha’s clothes. Almost all of the clothes that she has today, except for her school uniform, were personally sewn by me and her grandma. The rest was given as presents by her aunts, uncles and by some of my friends.

Now, I decided to put up this website to feature reviews and tips on the sewing machines that I have tried through time. I believe that with the experiences and the lessons that I have acquired, the information I will be sharing will be of great help to each every reader who has the same level of passion as mine.

From the cost of the sewing machines to their efficiency – I will always be here to tell you about every detail that you need to know. I know how expensive sewing machines can be sometimes and for that, expect my website to always be available whenever you need help in choosing the best sewing machines for you. Thanks for taking the time to visit my website and have fun reading!

Elizabeth Powell 

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  1. marsha D.Gainer

    Thanks for your sharing! I think You are so lucky when you decided to quit your job. And now, you have a happiness job with your passion, Best wishes for you and your family!

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