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Brother Sewing Machines – What Every Buyer Should Know?

The brand is always important when it comes to buying a home appliance even if you will use it for enjoying a hobby. The Brother sewing machines are recognized for their quality. The brand is one of the leaders in the industry. It has an extremely diverse product range. It is among the major innovators as well. Find out what it has to offer so that you will be better prepared as a buyer when you go shopping for a machine.

Brother Sewing Machines

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The Brand

Brother is an international company with operations in the United States, Europe and Asia. Its sewing machines, embroidery machines and combo machines are manufactured primarily in Japan. The brand has been present in the U.S. market since 1954 and has established solid reputation.

The Brother sewing machines are known for their high quality. Most models come with a 25-year warranty. The manufacturer offers comprehensive customer support service as well. As a machine owner, you will have access to an online database of projects and free designs as well as to guides, tutorials and videos available on the company’s website.

Product Range

The sewing products of the brand are divided into six categories. The Brother sewing machines are designed for the creation of all kinds of items from stuffed toys to clothing. They enable you to work with fabrics of various thickness and texture. There is literally everything in the range – from very basic models with mechanical operation and fewer than 50 stitch styles to technologically advanced computerized models with well over 100 stitch patterns.

The brand offers machines which are designed for both sewing and quilting. They come with extra wide extension tables and automatic height adjustment for accommodating multiple layers of fabric and thicker fabrics. You can make great quilts of various sizes with such a machine.

The embroidery machines of the brand for home use are among the most popular in the market. You can select from basic models with a single needle, basic design customization functions and black and white display. There are also advanced models with color LCD screen, sensor pen and LED pointer. There are also six-needle and ten-needle embroidery machines which are comparable to their professional-grade counterparts in terms of speed and functionality. It is perfectly possible for you to opt for a combo machine which does both sewing and

The brand offers a selection of serger machines as well. These machines work to trim seams and to enclose the edge of the fabric material inside casing for the thread. They can give the perfect finishing touch to many projects including home decor ones.

The company has several lines which are created in cooperation with other major brands. The Project Runway line offers exclusive sewing machines which are made to bring out the designer in you. There are models for tailors of any level of experience from beginners to advanced tailors. The Laura Ashley line offers machines which can be used for creating home decor items which are inspired by the models of the famous brand. You can expect to achieve comparable quality.

What’s New in the Brother Sewing Machines

You will find a variety of new technologies in the latest creations of the brand. The patented MuVit system offers dual feed which is digitalized. All types of fabrics from silk to fleece based ones are powerfully fed and the stitches are made with great precision. SewStraight is a guide based on laser vision. As it name suggests, it enables you to sew straight lines with perfect precision no matter how skilled or experienced you are. The patented Automatic Height Adjuster technology detects the thickness of the fabric and makes the necessary adjustments to allow for perfect sewing.

Many of the latest Brother sewing machines come with color LCD display which can show even built-in video tutorials. The screen works with the Virtual Stitch Preview function and the InnovEye technology, which is similar to that of a camera. In this way, you are able to see how the stitch will look like with your chosen length and width. You will be able to make further modifications if needed and avoid wasting even a single second of your valuable time.

The V-Sonic Pen Pal is another advanced feature which is worth your attention. You simply need to touch the fabric with the sensor pen and you will be able to adjust several function precisely at once. The InnovaChrome system for thread monitoring and coloring, on the other hand, tells you when a different color is needed and what the next one is. It can be used together with the Color Shuffling function which lets you customize embroidery designs even further.

Overall, the Brother sewing machines offer quality, reliability and advanced technologies. Before you start your search for the ideal model for you, you need to define your needs, sewing goals and budget precisely. In this way, you will be able to make the best choice.

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