Jan 25

What Is So Special About a Computerized Sewing Machine?

We understand that sewing is considered a heavy task and takes a lot of intelligence to come up with a successful creation. Before, people sew manually using both their hands. It used to be a disturbing task for them. But today, technology has made so much improvement to make our lives better by creating the best sewing machines.

First came the electric sewing machines, wherein all you have to do is step on the paddle and turn the wheel depending on the speed that you want to maintain. But then again, technology never stops evolving and more people are enjoying the computerized sewing machines.

Computerized Sewing MachineComputerized sewing machines are by far the most expensive types of sewing machines on earth. Its price is undeniably higher as compared to the mechanical and electric sewing machines. This is exactly the reason why regular people who sew don’t mind investing in such expensive machine. However, its price definitely has an exchange because it has more features and works on its own if you wish.

These machines act like computers too. It has a processor inside the machine and has software that has a lot to offer to its users. Allow us to elaborate to you the reasons why these computerized sewing machines are considered special and its benefits as well.

Several Stitch Styles

A regular sewing machine can only perform basic stitches and that’s something computerized sewing machines can offer. The computerized sewing machines have so many default styles of stitching that are already saved in its memory. All you have to do is choose the type of style you want for a garment and it will start working for you.

We are not talking about 10 – 20 styles here. We are talking about a number of styles ranging from 200 – 250 depending on the type of machine you will choose. It doesn’t choose the type of stitching because it offers stitches for embroidery, quilting and much more. The more the stitch styles are saved in the machine’s memory, the higher the price to expect.

Saves Different Patterns

You can consider these machines as a computer or a hard drive too. It has a memory card inserted into the slot so that it can save all of the patterns you have used in your previous work or your future creations. It automatically saves each pattern and you can freely choose it as soon as you want to use the same pattern soon.

You can save any type of patterns and stitches as well. This makes the machine very convincing to buy.

It Can Be Connected to a Computer

Now, there’s no need to bring with you a paper and pen all the time. You can simply connect it to a desktop or a laptop if you found a great pattern on the internet. It can save and store all the patterns that you have downloaded from the internet to your computer. It can also download stitches that you can find on the internet.

So the next time you use the machine, you don’t have to worry about switching your computer on as well.

It Has a Display Screen

Can you imagine a sewing machine with a screen display? Of course, a computerized sewing machine has a display screen too. The screen will show the types of patterns and stitches you have saved so that you can easily choose the one you’ll be using. The screen will also show the progress of your work by simply displaying what the machine has been doing on the screen.

Not to mention that most of these machines’ screens have touch screen capability. So you can sit around and simply touch the option of your choice.

It Does the Job for You

These machines are programmed to work on its own as soon as it accepts a command from you. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of piling thick fabrics when quilting because the machine will automatically adjust to the type of fabric. All you have to do is choose the pattern and decide where it should be placed, and then the machine will do the rest for you.

It also has different needle mechanisms and different types of needles that will be able to adjust to the type of stitch and fabric that you will be using.

Computerized sewing machines are definitely the best ones for you if you want everything to be as quick as lightning. You can expect that you will be able to meet the deadline for the day. However, some people don’t find these machines artistic because they will not be able to practice their skills more. Furthermore, computerized sewing machines are commonly used in fabric and clothing factories to decrease manpower and to increase the number of finished products for a certain period.

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