Jul 21

How to Thread a Sewing Machine

Yes we understand what you think upon looking at a sewing machine. It may look complicated and you may be confused where to place the threads and where the needle should be located. It may hard be for starters, but we assure that it’s not going to take you more than a day to learn how to maneuver your sewing machine.

Let us focus on the simple steps on putting the thread into the sewing machine. Beginners often ask this question – how to thread the sewing machine? We know it looks really complicated, but the steps are so easy for you to follow. Once you know it, you’ll be threading your machine in a few minutes or even seconds right after reading this.

How to Thread a Sewing Machine

So, we have shortened the steps in threading a sewing machine and made it easier for you to understand. These are the only steps you will have to follow on threading any sewing machine of any brand. Get ready to start threading your baby, now!

Steps to Thread a Sewing Machine

  • The main concern is to place the thread correctly at the right position. In order to do that, you have to raise the presser foot higher. Some machines have a button that you have to press in order to raise the presser foot upward. Immediately place the roll of thread in the spool holder and guide it through the small nubbin that you will find on the other side of the base.

After making the thread pass through the nubbin, you have to make sure that the thread will also be rolled in the bobbin. There should be a small bobbin holder that will keep the bobbin in its place. There are thread guides that you have to follow and each sewing machine has one or more thread guides.

  • After placing the thread into the spoon holder properly, you have to look for the tension mechanism. The thread should be inserted into the metal disks that are facing each other. It should be perfectly placed between the two disks. All you have to do is lead the thread into the tension mechanism and lead it once again upward, going back the top base area.
  • After completing the first two steps, you have to look for the take up mechanism this time. It’s very easy to locate this part because it visibly goes up and goes down once the machine starts to operate. To make it easy for you, try turning the wheel and you should notice an area that will be moving up and down – that is the take up mechanism.

You have to be able to let pass the thread through the lever in the area. You should be able to finish this step in less than a minute as soon as you find the take up lever.

Good for you if you have a machine that will allow you to simply slide the thread into the area. But if yours doesn’t have such feature, then you have to manually insert the thread into the area.

  • As soon as you turn the hand wheel, the thread will go down following the movement of the take up lever of the machine. It should be going to the left side, but still in a downward motion.
  • Every sewing machine has a thread guide. There’s a standard or general thread guide that is being followed, but some companies have different thread guides or patterns designed for its machines.

You have to locate the thread guide of your own machine. If you’re hesitant of what to do, then you can always refer to your user manual guide and you should be able to find it there. If you don’t have a user guide, then go ahead and download it from the internet.

Once you have found the thread guide, you only have to carefully follow it and lead the thread to the needle. The sewing machine needle is located below the top base of the machine.

  • By now, you should be done leading the thread to the needle. This is the best time for you to secure the thread into the needle. You’ll need both of your hands in this step. Use one of your hands to hold the thread, while the other hand will turn the hand wheel.
  • Now you’re almost done threading your sewing machine. You have to slowly turn the hand wheel for you to check if you were able to do it correctly. Check if there are stubbles or flaps that will appear on the thread line while you’re turning the hand wheel.

If so, you surely missed one of the thread guides. There must be one part that the thread missed to pass through. If that happens, you have to go back to step 1 and repeat the process.

A Final Word

These are the only steps that you have to carefully and successfully thread your sewing machine. You need to make sure that you’re doing it right. If you’re not able to thread your sewing machine correctly, you will not be able to come up with a beautiful finished product.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s not hard to thread a sewing machine. It only takes a short period of time for you to be able to get used to the steps. Once you’re already familiar with it, you will be able to finish threading your sewing machine in seconds and you’re ready for sewing dresses, pants and much more by that time.

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