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Sewing Machine Reviews: Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4×4 Embroidery Machine


With the Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4×4 Embroidery Machine, nothing is impossible. At a price that can be considered average for sewing machines, you may now have your very own unit of this amazing product. It comes with so many exciting features that both amateurs and professionals will definitely enjoy. If you find pleasure in sewing and in embroidering, this computerized sewing machine from Brother should definitely land on your list of choices. With its ability to gain computer connectivity, any trendy design that you can possibly think of for embroidery is always just a press away.

Brother SE400 Embroidery Sewing Machine

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Main Features of this Brother SE400 Embroidery Sewing Machine

You may be overwhelmed to learn about every single feature of this Brother SE400 sewing machine. For us to cut the long talks, I will just concentrate on its features that are the best for me. This Brother embroidery sewing machine has a wide embroidery area at the size of 4 x 4. With its built-in super bright light, you will never have problems performing your sewing sessions in places that are poorly lit. Bobbin preparation and winding, too, is not something you should worry about with the easy bobbin winding system of this sewing machine. Finally, it has an LED touch-screen display which works along with its computer connectivity whenever you need to import embroidery designs from your computer.

What Makes this Brother SE-400 Different From Other Sewing Machines Sold in the Market Today?

The Brother SE-400 embroidery sewing machine is overflowing with relevant and thrilling features which all come at a low price. Just by knowing that it has computer connectivity, any user will already be eager to buy it. Also, it gives you the capability and all the chances to enjoy 165 different functions and styles of stitches, 70 embroidery designs, 5 fonts for lettering and so much more.

Pros of Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery Machine

Brother SE-400 Embroidery Sewing MachineBasically, it is a low-cost embroidery sewing machine equipped with so many overwhelming features. The computer connectivity allows you to obtain unlimited access to the designs that you want to embroider on your craft. Despite the number of features that it has, it is still not that hard to learn about each one of them especially with the help of its detailed manual. Its built-in light, too, makes it ideal even for those who have poor vision.

It has a few more pros that I have to mention and I would start by telling you that it’s a sewing and an embroidery machine in one. Yes, you can sew and embroider at the same time with this machine and you can seldom find these kinds in the market. It has 67 sewing stitch designs and paired with 70 stitches for embroidery. You can also add more by downloading or purchasing some from the internet as this machine can be connected to the computer with internet connection.

You may also check out its touch screen LCD display and be as impressed as I am. It saves so much time and it’s one of the reasons why I enjoy using this machine. It takes away the hassle of pressing any buttons or spinning any dialer. Winding the bobbin and threading the needle is also easy in this machine and you don’t have to worry about wasting your time doing it. Also, this Brother sewing machine has a separate arm for embroidery, just so you know.


I have no doubts about considering this Brother SE400 embroidery sewing machine as a wonderful machine but if you are a newbie and you want to learn the basics of sewing, this is not the sewing machine for you. Do not get me wrong. This sewing genius from Brother is very easy to use. However, if your main goal is to learn how to sew, it would be a whole lot more practical to spend your money on a basic sewing machine. Brother has sewing machine models to offer you that are way cheaper, the ones that cost just under $100.

Aside from being a very expensive machine, it’s also not usable in all areas. How I wish Brother will just create an expensive sewing machine that can adapt both 120 and 110 voltages. For this Brother SE-400 embroidery sewing machine, you can only use it in places with 120 voltages and that’s it. Aside from that, it’s a very heavy sewing machine. So, don’t expect that you can bring this machine with you if you’ll be having a vacation somewhere for a few weeks because it will just add up to your baggage.

Is the Brother SE-400 Embroidery Sewing Machine Easy to Operate?

Learning how to use the Brother SE-400 embroidery sewing machine is never a problem that you should worry about. With the use of the manual included in the box, all you need to do is to read about the parts that you need to study. Whether it is your first time to sew or embroider or you are already an expert looking for a machine that can help you improve your finished products, the functions of this sewing machine from Brother can be easily mastered with the guidance of the manual.

My Personal Experience with the Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4×4 Embroidery Machine

I have one word to describe my experience with this sewing machine and that is “fun”. I loved watching the machine do the embroidery, especially when more than two colors are already applied. The first time I tried embroidering using this machine was when I found a dull and plain dress in my closet. I felt so excited and brought out this sewing machine immediately. This may sound exaggerated but it just seemed magical for me. The floral patterns that I found from the built-in designs of this sewing machine made the plain dress look way better. Whenever Trisha sees me using this sewing machine, she instantly sits beside me and begins watching in amazement.

Tips for Using this Computerized Embroidery Machine from Brother

First, do not feel overwhelmed with all the buttons and selections that you will find around the surface of your Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4×4 Embroidery Machine. Read your manual, first, before you begin. Also, just to be sure, buy better and stronger needles before you start a project with this sewing machine. Most of the needles tend to break easily, especially if you use them to sew thick layers of fabric.

Is the Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing Machine a Good Buy?

Anyone will be delighted to spend their money on a sewing machine as funky and flexible as this awesome embroidery sewing machine from the well-established brand – Brother. Other potential buyers think that it is too cheap to be efficient. Well, I highly disagree. This sewing machine just proves that not all great things come with a big price tag. If you are a professional who loves playing around with stitches, embellishments and embroidery designs, this model of sewing machine is nothing else but perfect for your needs and preferences.


If you are looking for one machine that can perform both sewing and embroidery excellently, you should certainly consider getting the Brother SE-400 for yourself. This is one of the sewing machines that I will definitely recommend to any of my friends, especially to you guys, my readers. Indeed, Brother was able to combine practicality and superiority in one delightful package. Compared to other products with the same features from other brands of sewing machines, the Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4×4 Embroidery Machine is already one of the best deals that you can get, especially if you are aiming for something that is inexpensive.

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